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About us

Founded on 17th of September in 1999, Trofinox is a metalmechanics company dedicated to the manufacturing of stainless steel, iron, aluminium and brass products addressed to a diverse public of different areas such as construction and decoration with a high level of quality. 

Due to its wide experience, expertise and know-how, the company has carried out several highly complex technical, architectural and industrial projects throughout the years, where works conducted in national and international partnerships are worth highlighting.  

A result of its high expertise in the manufacture of unique and original stainless steel works, TROFINOX decided to invest in differentiation through the creation of its brand, DYNOX. With a clear investment in quality and versatility, TROFINOX became a reference in the design of decorative accessories and furniture mainly using stainless steel.  

With its young, experienced and dynamical team, TROFINOX has responded to all challenges, designing stainless steel parts in accordance with its customer needs, creating distinct and different solutions by merging innovation and design.

Thanks to its state-of-the-art technology and means of production, TROFINOX provides a set of services in outsourcing, which allows it to respond rapidly and accurately to the most demanding needs of its customers, in order to deliver solutions and add value to its products.

TROFINOX brings to life all its projects.  It works stainless steel, brass, aluminium, iron and corten steel in a unique and customised manner!