It was in 2008 that TROFINOX crossed borders and started to sell steel products for large markets, such as France, Switzerland and Angola. This new challenge made that the company felt the need to expand its facilities, buying a new pavilion.

This boom in the international market was due to the construction of a spiral staircase with 60 tons of steel, executed in a record time of 3 months, since its production up to its placement in France.

This capacity to execute made to measure and the experience acquired over the years, crossed borders, and currently TROFINOX has a wide portfolio of projects in areas such as construction, furniture e decoration in several countries.

International expansion is part of the company's strategy, making the quality of its products known, accepting new challenges and conquering new markets.

TROFINOX sell our products in many countries like: Spain, France, Switzerland, Monaco, Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Bahrain, Singapore, Angola, Bahrain, Singapore, Cyprus, Germany, Denmark, Egypt, England, Israel, Kowait, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Netherlands, Qatar and USA.

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