We create and design custom-tailored solutions!

We can make a wide range of products in STAINLESS STEEL, IRON, ALUMINUM, BRONZE, COPPER, BRASS and CORTEN STEEL for indoor and outdoor environments.

» Metal structures
» Staircases: Small and large
» Handrails
» Metal doors
» Products for the industry
» Stores: racks, glass display cabinets, furniture
» Hotels/Restaurants
» Hospitals 
» Street furniture

Our difference is in the quality and diversity of our products. 
The DYNOX brand, aimed at the decoration segment, offers a range of quality products in decoration that follow the sector's trends.
» Coat hangers
» Chairs
» Lamps
» Ashtrays
» Mirors
» Bottle Stand
» Tables
» Furniture 
» Umbrella stand
» Firewood holders
» Magazine holders
» Flyer stand
» Towel racks
» Vases